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poker set
tic-tac-toe board made of acrylic
backgammon board made of acrylic
backgammon board made of acrylic
tic-tac-toe board made of acrylic
two backgammon sets




Bergdorf Goodman
Prince Tennis
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Bergdorf Goodman
Prince Tennis
XO Group
Neiman Marcus


Inspired by trends of past, present, and future our designers craft dazzling gifts that exceed anyone’s expectations



Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world. A similar board race game was played in Persia (now Iran) circa 3000 BC. Luck meets Strategy. Each roll of the dice can make or break your victory.



Chess as we know it today is the descendant of shatranj of Eastern India. It has since spread the world over and is a sport difficult to master. Our high-end chess set is for those who are truly ready for a duel of wits. Enjoy the refined feel of a board designed to be truly contemplated over.

tic tac toe


Who would think that a game so entertaining and stirring our inner child could be traced back to Ancient Egypt? Simple, yet elegant. Our take on this classic will have you playing for hours. Make no mistake, strategy is critical to win game, set, match.



Is it an evolved version of the Persian game As-Nas, or the French game of Poque? Either way, Poker is today the most famous card game in the world. Our poker set is designed for players looking for a challenging long, night or those looking to enjoy a beverage and relax among friends.


Aurosi directly translates as “To New Beginnings.” Our games offer users a new experience unparalleled by any other board game on the market. With the world constantly evolving and technology quickly taking over, Aurosi provides users with an opportunity to connect without any outside pressures.


Every single piece of our boards is handmade out of the highest quality materials found on earth. They are single-handedly crafted with you in mind. From the sleek clear box that holds your checkers to the polished wood grain of the backgammon set.


All of our boards tell a story that is unique to each individual owner. When you play an Aurosi board game, we want it to take you back to those simple moments you’ve enjoyed with your friends and family. Our boards have left a mark on those who’ve had the pleasure to come across them.  


Play them during those warm summer gatherings, hand them down to your children, display them on your coffee table in your living room. Because they are made by our team here at  Aurosi, we can guarantee entertainment for generations to come.



Luxurious Quality Board Games



Built with unmatched materials made to last for years. Each handcrafted game establishes itself as top-of-the-line, luxury unlike any other.



Elegant Products



Aurosi products are meant for presentation. The high-quality uniqueness of our pieces makes it possible to display them in your home or office every day.



Exceptional Gifts



Make an impression and give a memorable gift to your loved ones. We create products that are perfect for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays more.



Timeless Play



Aurosi designs its products with functionality in mind. With the proper care in play, all of our products last a lifetime.


Our games take a new approach to the classic game industry. Use them in your home or office, give them as gifts, or display them for your guests, with our products the possibilities are endless.


Backgammon Sets


One of the oldest board games known to man, Backgammon is a combination of strategy and skill. All of our backgammon boards are constructed for the champion in mind. From clear acrylic to classic lacquer, our wide design range allows you to choose the best option that fits your preferences.


Chess Boards


Luxurious heirloom chess sets that are ideal for those who enjoy a challenge. Entertain your guests and find the perfect set to assemble in your home or office. Enjoy the refined feel of a board designed to help you connect with friends and family.


Tic-Tac-Toe Sets


A simple game turned elegant by Aurosi. We created each set with a beautiful aesthetic in mind. Our tic-tac-toe games go hand in hand with modern, sleek home decor. Set it up in your kitchen, living room, or office as the perfect conversation starter with your guests.


Poker Sets


Known as the most famous card game in the world. Nothing beats poker night like our Aurosi game set. Never miss another piece, our lacquer poker sets hold everything in place for you. Make memories and relax among your friends while you play the various poker games made available through our collections.


  • Acrylic Backgammon Set in Dark Blue and White Open

    Acrylic Luxury Backgammon Set in Dark Blue and White

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  • Blue Wavy Marble Lacquer Backgammon

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  • Grey Patina Lacquer Backgammon Set

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  • backgammon set

    Lacquer Luxury Backgammon Set in Blue and White

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