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3 Modern Tabletop Games to Add to Your Business Lobby

The saying “the first impression is a lasting one” is more than fitting when it comes to the character of an office waiting room or lobby. This space represents the reputation and personality of not only the business, but the employees as well. When designing this space, consider what people will think first when they walk into your office. Is it well kept? Are there things to make people comfortable?

Maintaining a professional atmosphere with a comfortable sitting area, reading materials, and an assortment of luxury board games will make a visitor feel welcome at your workplace. It makes people feel like they’re in a homey, familiar place that will make them want to come back. A pleasant reception area is simple to accomplish with these top three tabletop games.

Setting the Scene with Chess

Impress current and future clients who enter your lobby with a top-of-the-line chess set. The sleek design of Aurosi’s luxury chess board is made from carbon fiber, providing strength and beauty to this classic board game. With a set of keys and inside compartments, the 32 chess pieces are organized and protected when not in play. As one of several favorite tabletop games, this chess set is certain to be the favorite part of your lobby’s décor.

Tic-Tac-Toe Makes a Statement

When presenting an air of professionalism in your office’s waiting room, you should consider adding another favorite, tic-tac-toe. No, we are not talking about a pen and paper version, but a luxurious high-quality acrylic set that will stand out in your office’s sitting area. With the game pieces available in either a clear or golden tone and boards in various colors, you are sure to find the shade that is perfect for your place of work.

Styling Your Space with Backgammon

With its long-standing history of being a favorite, you should definitely consider having backgammon as a waiting room option. As one of the oldest board games, dating back to antiquity, backgammon is a classic that never gets old, even in today’s world of screen time and technological advancements. Accentuating your office design with this beloved game is effortless with a quality backgammon set from Aurosi. Crafted from wood and lacquer, this stunning high-end backgammon board includes all game pieces–checkers, dice, and leather dice cups.

Other Games for Your Collection

In addition to these luxury tabletop games, Aurosi offers the finest acrylic tumble tower and four-in-a-row games that are sure to enhance your lobby and keep clients entertained while they’re waiting. The superior level of craftsmanship is evident in every game piece. This undeniable attention to detail confirms these games are impeccable showpieces and will be a perfect compliment to one’s board games collection.

As good-looking as these board games are, there’s no need to relegate them for office use exclusively. They make excellent unique housewarming games or gifts for loved ones and friends. Whether they are connoisseurs of chess, backgammon aficionados, or fans of tic-tac-toe, 4 in a row, or tumble tower, each extraordinary game will be treasured by its recipient.

Bringing these classic board games into your business lobby or waiting room, will not only impress your clients, but will offer a unique and entertaining options to pass the time while waiting for their appointments.

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