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Hotel Basics: Recreational Games for Your Customers Experience

Every family member enjoys the excitement and expectation brought on while chilling on vacation. With so much to do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices. What to try first? A day at the beautiful beach or the thrills and spills of the enticing amusement park across town?

Time for Recreational Games

Just as you are about to involve the whole family, the weather suddenly changes for the worse with thunder and lightning looming to ruin your plans. The notion of spending an entire day in a boring hotel suite is not something you want to test out on the kids. Action stations it is and it begins with a selection of recreational games that involve the whole family. Your day starts to look promising again and it may even prove the best yet on holiday!

Turning to Games in a Hotel

Recreational games are back with a bang; wise owners of leisure accommodation and most hotel chains know this. They have come to the party and have rekindled interest in family-based fun around a number of board games that now have a new lease on life. This is a great way for the whole family to have fun and bond while on vacation.

Consider Bringing Your Own Board Games

Before we start reviewing what is hot in game circles, have you considered investing in your very own board games. If so, Aurosi carries unique and impressive board games.  Our motto is: “Creating luxurious and quality games since 1985”. Since then, we have created classic one of a kind board games like chess, backgammon, poker, and tic-tac-toe. Our boards are versatile and less bulky than traditional board games.

The Best-Loved Games

We all enjoy our favorite family games, perhaps one of the popular ones like backgammon, in which only the basics matter. What is astonishing is how many recreational games have not just survived, but have increased in popularity too. Here are some of the hot titles riding the popularity waves in many hotel lounges around the country:

  1. Poker – Poker evolved from either the French game of Poque or the Persian game As-Nas. Learning the rules of poker isn’t very difficult. Poker remains the most popular card game in the world. Whether at casino level or for a sociable evening among family and friends, Poker is a recreational game of skill and cunning.
  2. Chess – the board game of chess, with its black and white pieces warring over a black and whiteboard, has been around for centuries. Using skill to outwit the other side, the game is over when the first player shouts ‘checkmate’ once the opposing king is cornered. There are also many strategies to beat your opponent in a luxury game of chess.
  3. Tic Tac Toe – This enticing game never ceases to inspire contestants to play over and over. Tic tac toe used to be a paper and pencil game, but these days, beautifully colored boards are the rave. This will add to the fun and excitement of one of the all-time favorite games.


The Magic of Backgammon

Backgammon is another old favorite from the world of recreational games. It has been around since the era of the Pharos. Have your thinking cap with you if you plan to get involved in this crafty board game of strategy and luck. The best backgammon strategy rests within the player. Ultimately, it is all down to the roll of the dice!

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