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5 New Board Games You Need to Buy for Family Game Night

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun-filled family game night? Throughout neighborhoods across America, families, and friends gather on a regular basis to enjoy a few laughs and a good dose of competition. Although there are several favorite new board games on the market these days, many of the classics still reign at the top of the list for most enjoyable games for groups to play. However, if you and your teammates are wanting to go beyond Park Place or the Scrabble board, here is a list of the best party board games that will take your game night to the next level.

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For the Two of You

If you are thinking about staying in and playing a traditional game of tic tac toe or backgammon, why not consider updated versions of these classics? Gone are the days of scratching your tic tac toe games on paper. As too are the action plays on a worn out backgammon board. With these sleek, edgy, bold colored acrylic board games, you are sure to enjoy the look and feel of the game pieces and will undoubtedly impress your opponent with these new board games.  

Chess anyone? Why not claim “checkmate” in style? The ultimate game of strategy deserves a luxury chess board that will have your gameplay rising above the rest. Undoubtedly, any passionate chess player will approve of an upgrade from a standard plastic collection.  An unparalleled set made from carbon fiber with carved wooden pieces, this beauty will be a sensation when it is time for a calculating mind game.


For the Group

If you are seeking new board games that are fun and exciting for a group why not bring out a tumble tower or poker set? Both are perfect for larger groups. The tumble tower is an excellent strategy game that requires steady hands and a keen eye. With an unlimited number of players allowed to play at one time, tumble tower is at the top of the list of new board games. This fun and the competitive game will be a hit for your next gathering.

Regardless of your game of choice, five-card draw, Texas hold-em, or Blackjack, when it comes to bringing strategy and luck together, nothing gets a crowd going better than a poker night. Once friends and family catch a glimpse of your luxury lacquer poker set, players will be ready to go all in. With enough chips, dice, and cards to play an assortment of games, this poker set will satisfy both novice and skilled players alike.

No need for your next family game night to be humdrum. Even with the multitude of board games available today; classics still reign supreme. Put the fun back into your game night with new twists on a few oldies but goodies, including tic tac toe, backgammon or chess. Young and old generations will find these games perfect for everyone. Whether your game night includes just you and another player or an entire group, these new board games are sure to bring out the competition, excitement, and laughter in all.

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