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It’s All Strategy: How to beat your opponent in a Luxury Game of Chess

How to Beat Your Opponent in a Luxury Game of Chess

I can assure you with decades of chess behind me that playing soccer and playing chess are similar in four ways. First, you have to understand the game rules. Second, you have to keep your tactics a secret. Third, you must attack in order to win. Finally, chess is a mind game. If you play on your own luxury game board and pieces at home, you are immediately at a psychological advantage.

My 6 Tips for Winning a Luxury Game of Chess

  1. Have a series of set opening moves in your mind before you start. If you open a luxury game with white, quickly deploy your team like a soccer coach. Of course, if you are playing black pieces you have to start by being reactive, but you can still manipulate things by adapting set opening moves according to the circumstances.
  2. A winning luxury game plan positions pawns, king, and castles in defensive positions, while leaving attack lines open for your knights and bishops. Castle early but hold your queen in reserve at this stage. If you lose her early your game of luxury chess could be doomed.
  3. Control the center of the chess pitch. Well, I did say the luxury game is like soccer in that you want to keep your opponent at a distance. If you have your attacking knights and bishops out early, they can command both the front and the rear.
  4. Always think ahead by several moves, although you will have to adapt your luxury game strategy to your opponent’s tactics. When they fall into your trap capture their piece instantly and blistering fast. I did say a tournament with the finest chess pieces is a psychological battle. If you can demotivate the other player early, then the game could be in your hands soon.
  5. Trap your opponent’s pieces in skewer moves that prevent them from using them in a useful manner – or at all without exposing a critical piece to your instant attack. Players begin a luxury game with an equal number of pieces. If you are one major one up, it can be as effective as having a player in the other team red-carded.
  6. Hold your pawn structure as intact if you possibly can. Anyone of them can convert to a more powerful piece when you most need it to clinch the game. Be constantly aware of opportunities to attack and exploit weaknesses. Move towards the end game by forcing moves your opponent would rather not make.

Bide your time during the final third of the luxury game. Whittle away at your opponent’s defenses as you position your army for the final offensive. Be willing to trade pieces to secure a positional advantage.

The luxury game you are playing began in India more than 2,000 years ago, when generals may have used it to hone their fighting skills. Think as a general on your luxury game board with exclusive pieces from Aurosi that help set the winning stage. Be aggressive and conquer your enemy. You must be merciless at the end, but honorable in the victory.

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