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4 Differences Between Luxury Board Games and Standard Games

Board games deliver something special. A multi-layer satisfaction, if you will: The thrill of the challenge, the social interaction, the sensory experience. One might say “if you love playing, quality doesn’t matter much.” I beg to differ. There are core differences between luxury board games and standard off-the-rack games. If you are an avid player or a thoughtful gifter, you know already.


Board Game Engineering

Of course, one of the first differences that come to mind is the game components durability and design. If you are often playing, say backgammon or tic-tac-toe, the gameplay is very tactile and the pieces age with so much handling. Even a decent backgammon board will suffer from it. Some backgammon boards are made of cheap wood and easily scratch after a few rounds of throwing the dice.

You may think it adds to its charm, and show it is used and loved. Do you have any idea how the tiniest imperfection on a surface can affect your dice roll? Have you considered the surface bounce-quality? Or how well (or not) the dice are balanced? [You can check balance quality using a glass of salt water, among other methods] Think of it next time you need that 3-1 combination for your opening move.

Our hands, as clean as they might be, can also do some damage. Natural body oils will seep into the pieces if not properly sealed or lacquered.


Board Games and Your Senses

You may not have paid attention much when playing, as you are focused on game strategy, but any game that involves moving pieces, rolling dice, stacking chips, triggers a sensory response. Your eyesight is the most involved. Then, so are your hearing and touch.

How is the cling when you throw poker chips acting like you have the upper hand? Melodious, dissonant, bland, plain annoying? Poker games are addictive, and maybe you have a recurrent poker night with your friends. When you’re the host, think of the experience you want to offer them. Are the components of your poker set made of the best materials?

How about making your bishop travel across the chess table to get the queen? If you slide, does it screech and scratch? Do the pieces feel heavy in your hand and induce confidence?

Luxury board games


Standing the Test of Time

Let’s take the example of tic-tac-toe. It’s super fun, for kids and adults alike. All it requires: a piece of paper and a pen(or one pen each, if you feel generous). However, playing with a physical set is a lot more fun. Depending on the material, you can play hundreds of times, with your children, and your grand-children. Aurosi proposes a high-quality acrylic tic-tac-toe set that is not designed to be a coffee table décor item.

Standard games come and go, but a luxury game board may pass on to the next generations, loaded with memories.


Luxury Board Games Are Pieces of Art

Yes, games are meant to be played. But when playing mode is off, isn’t it just a treat to not put them away in a drab cardboard box, on a shelf, out of sight?

There is a definite pleasure, and a certain pride, to display a beautifully crafted game that soon becomes a conversation starter. Everyone knows these games are classics. Did you know for instance that Jenga is the 3rd most popular game after Scrabble and Monopoly?

So why wouldn’t you treat yourself and your family to a piece of popularity and art? Aurosi’s acrylic Tumble Tower Set comes in blue, white, or black. The material enhances the sleek design of the game itself while staying simple enough to fit any style. When guests exclaim “Oh, what a beautiful Jenga art piece!”, you can respond: “Care to play?”.

There is more to board games than having the right pieces. Luxury game boards deliver on so many levels, emotional, social, and physical; it would be a shame not to indulge. Pick your favorite, or pick them all, but don’t pass an opportunity to own something extraordinary.

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