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3 Lacquer Game Sets That Will Beautify Your Home

Board and table games have been and continue to be a family-favorite activity for that engage members of all ages. Today, in the digital age, board games are treasured and valued more than they were before. Games like backgammon, poker, tic-tac-toe, and chess are created with quality materials, contemporary designs, and finesse. Lacquer game sets have become collectibles. Lacquer gives board game sets a glamorous look which makes it undoubtedly unique – as a decor piece, a unique gift, or a family’s style of fun.


What is Lacquer?

In simple words, lacquer a glossy coating for wooden items or furniture. Lacquer is derived from the saps of lacquer trees. It is a solvent-based product containing shellac to create a synthetic solution. The solution is applied either with a brush or a spray on furniture or objects made of wood to give them a smooth sheen.


Why is lacquer a suitable material?

While lacquer has many advantages, the significant one is that lacquer is extremely durable and resistant to of damage. This means lacquer game sets last long since they are protected from water, chipping, yellowing, flaking, or any other kind of abrasion. Lacquer gives an incredibly intense shiny finish that enhances the craftsmanship of the wood furnishings, instruments, decor, and game sets. Lacquer has a hard-wearing finish because of the plasticizers that are used in it.


1) Lacquer Backgammon in Grey and White

Our lacquer game sets come in a classic combination of grey and white. Its sophisticated wooden craftsmanship and high gloss lacquer bring the antiquities of backgammon to life. With a beautiful wood inlay and a classy finish, the lacquer backgammon in grey and white can also be a decor item on your desk or coffee table. This game set comes with 16 grey and white checkers, 4 Dice, and 2 Blue leather dice cups


2) Lacquer Poker Set in Grey and White

A game of poker is known to bring an evening to life. Like all lacquer game sets, this vintage poker set dazzles with quality lacquered wood – an ideal confluence of classic and contemporary. This lacquer poker game set is designed in grey and white and includes 200 chips in four colors, 2 decks, and 4 dice. It’s perfect for game night with friends or other popular types of poker games.


3) Wood Grain Lacquer Backgammon Set

Board game enthusiasts love a touch of history. Lacquer game sets like the wood grain lacquer backgammon set is a perfect choice. With a conventional look and feel, this quality backgammon set is a talented craftsman’s masterpiece. It infuses your game with the spirit of the good old times and, as a decorative piece gives the ambiance a shine of tradition.

Unlike video and online games, table and board games bring everyone together and remind us how to play. It also breathes in positivity and is a bonding activity. Lacquered game sets are not just for gaming evenings but also to be shown off to your guests to remind them the magic of backgammon and poker. The artistry, design, and luster of these game sets add panache to your home decor.

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