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3 Ways to Elevate your Home with a Decorative Chessboard

Chess has long been known as the sport of the kings. As one of the oldest existing board games in the world, the history of chess spans multiple eras of human civilization. This classic strategy game is believed to have originated in Eastern India in the 500 B.C era. Aside from its’ origins, early versions of this game have even been found in central Asia and Russia. Moving forward, the modernized version of chess as we know it today has its origins in Southern Europe. In this manner, this game served as a tool for entertainment and engagement across multiple countries and cultures for thousands of years.

Apart from its’ designation as an intellectual game, the chessboard itself also has classic connotations that work great when used as decor. By incorporating a decorative chessboard into your home, you can aesthetically change the look of any room while still having a fun way to bond with guests. If you love the unique pattern and yearn for some home redecorating, keep reading for four ideas to revamp your humble abode.


1. Use as a centerpiece

If you’re looking to add a classic, minimal touch to your home, consider incorporating a decorative chessboard as a centerpiece. The solid color blocks and beautiful wooden pieces add a lot of visual interest to any room without being too exaggerated. In this fashion, having a chessboard serve as a focal point is our recommendation for personalizing any room while also giving a sophisticated feel.

Another benefit of a decorative chessboard centerpiece is that it serves as a great way to get conversations started with guests and break the ice. The chessboard will act as a design element while also providing opportunities for casual strategy games. We recommend putting thought into using a chessboard that has a custom, artisan appearance.


2. Family Engagement

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of decorative chess boards, it is important to remember their main function as a board game: family fun. Having a chessboard as a fixture in your home will encourage more family game-nights and bonding. With its unique ability to challenge and activate both sides of the brain, chess is a great way to teach planning and foresight to all family members. Also, with its focus on problem-solving and reading your opponent, chess is a far more engaging way to interact and bond with others. Before you know it, you’ll be keeping competitive scores in your home.


3. Flip the Board

When adding a decorative chess board to your home design, it is important to think about adding your own personal touches to make the board unique. For example: who says the board needs to lay flat? One way to more creatively incorporate the board is to flip it and have it displayed vertically on a wall. By pinning it, you easily create a unique accent wall that has a classic finish. Depending on the colors and shades incorporated into the materials, this form of wall decor can work with virtually any room.

That being said, the main issue with this form of decor is that you lose the functionality of the chessboard and are unable to play. It’s best to keep it in a place that’s visible to your guests and accessible to play during game nights. It’s important to find ways to personalize your chessboard while also reserving its’ usage as a fun strategy game for all. This is one reason why it is best to purchase your chessboard set from a quality craftsman.

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