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4 Awesome Corporate Holiday Gifts

Gifts are the friendliest gesture to thank your staff members – especially during the holiday season. Corporate holiday gifts should be memorable – beyond gift coupons, coffee mugs, T-shirts, or free movie tickets. The most unique corporate gifts should be a classic- either a memento or excitement that can bring your staff’s family together. Lacquer game sets undoubtedly qualify.

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Best Corporate Holiday Gifts from Aurosi

1. Tic Tac Toe

The most loved game that takes us back to childhood fun, tic tac toe is enjoyed by both children and adults. The most convenient way was – and is – crisscrossing 3 rows and 3 columns and beginning the challenge with Xs and Os. Take it up a notch. An elegant white and gold tic tac toe game set that is made with high-quality acrylic and finesse which your staff and their families can enjoy during their holidays’ indoor sunny noons or cold evenings. Rest assured, they will be marveled that a simple game can be a keepsake too.

2. Chess

A game of strategy, intelligence, and a lot of patience, chess has its fans. A chess game set can be one of the perfect corporate holiday gifts if you move away from the typical cardboard style to a lacquer one. Our lacquer chess game set is made with carbon fiber, which means the game set will last for years. The board and chess pieces have a sophisticated design that will make it an essential part of your employees’ home decor.

3. Poker 

Making a poker game set as one of your corporate holiday gifts will add an element of ‘fun’ to your personality as an employer. Poker is associated with the idea that the game can be played only at casinos, which is not really a place where your staff can visit for a family holiday especially with kids. A trendy, lacquer poker game with colorful chips, decks, and dice is an awesome gift to take home, especially if it comes from a colleague.

4. Backgammon

As one of the oldest board games known, backgammon might not be as well-known amongst your peers as other board games are. But there is a good reason why our backgammon lacquer game set will be one of the exclusive corporate holiday gifts for your staff. They have the opportunity to discover an ancient game that requires strategy, planning, and a little bit of luck. A lacquer backgammon game set is a traditional board game redesigned for a contemporary look, making it special and memorable.    

Corporate holiday gifts don’t necessarily have to have the serious ‘corporate’ touch. A gift for the holidays is the best way to appreciate your staff’s work and commitment. It must have a personal touch and reflect the spirit of the season. Customized clothes and accessories have become too common and cliche to surprise your employees and hardly last long. Lacquer game sets are a combination of quality, craftsmanship, and fun, whether its tic-tac-toe, chess, poker, or backgammon – a token that will be valued by your staff forever.

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