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3 Standout Qualities of Luxury Poker Sets

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life, you might want to consider a luxury poker set. This is a fantastic gift for a card player or anyone who enjoys collecting unique items. When choosing from the various luxury poker sets available, you’ll want to consider three qualities that make the…

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Why You Should Replace Your Grandmother’s Old Backgammon Set

Who hasn’t received hand-me-downs from family members or friends? Everything from clothes, cars, to jewelry and even favorite recipes have made their way through generations over the years. We often find ourselves tucking the treasure away and eventually forgetting where we stored it. Unless your gifted heirloom is fragile and can be easily damaged, there…

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Toast-Worthy Board Games for Adults

There’s nothing better than getting a group of friends together and enjoying a good meal, a few drinks and some games. These days, the number of board games has exploded. You have so many choices from classics like backgammon and Jenga or some of the new ones that are taking the market by storm. Here’s…

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3 Modern Tabletop Games to Add to Your Business Lobby

The saying “the first impression is a lasting one” is more than fitting when it comes to the character of an office waiting room or lobby. This space represents the reputation and personality of not only the business, but the employees as well. When designing this space, consider what people will think first when they…

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Collectors’ Items: Acrylic Backgammon vs Traditional Backgammon Sets

acrylic backgammon Aurosi Games

Backgammon history dates back to thousands of years, along with chess, it is one of the oldest games still in play today. It dates back around 5,000 years and probably originated in Iraq – or Mesopotamia as it was back then. Recent findings in ancient burial sites indicated that the dice were made from human…

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