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4 High-end Board Game Gifts to Give During the Holiday Season

As the skies bring on a chill and take on the air of autumn, one cannot help but realize the holiday season is fast approaching. With holiday excitement building, children young and old love to hear the words; Tis the season for gift-giving. Presents of all shapes and sizes get met with glee. However, many shoppers procrastinate every year, only to find there is nothing worse than putting off your gift list until the last minute; creating panic over what gifts to buy for your family and friends. If you find yourself uncertain of gift ideas or you have a picky recipient, classic board games are always an excellent gift and great addition to any get-together or game night. They never go out of style. So beat the rush, avoid the lines, and lessen the stress with these board game gifts.


An Upgrade to Tic-tac-toe   

Over the years, people from around the world have enjoyed the strategy game of tic-tac-toe. Most typically play the game on a piece of paper. However, this modern piece is a magnificent collectible and tops the list for perfect board game gifts. All pieces are created out of high-quality acrylic and are sure to impress any opponent. The board comes in two different styles and several colors including, white, pink, blue, and black.


A High-end Poker Set for the Ages

Holiday time is best with family and friends. So, if you are seeking ideas for the perfect board game gifts, look no further. Our lacquered poker set is a fantastic way to get family and friends into a game night over the holidays. The best part of this set is, it does not matter if your guests are poker pros or novices, there are plenty of game options and pieces to include them all.

Board game gifts


Exquisite Backgammon Sets

What better board game gifts than a luxury backgammon set. A challenging game that has been around for centuries is still a favorite. Presenting this lacquered set as a holiday gift to a backgammon aficionado will set the standard high. The popular grey and white lacquer backgammon board is one of the many shades offered by Aurosi. An enduring piece for the lucky recipient is certain.


Go with Chess to Impress

When contemplating board game gifts for the upcoming holidays, one must consider a luxury carbon fiber chess set. This set is the ideal classic game for the competitively intellective spirit in your family and friends. Made from the finest of materials, this set will not disappoint. The luxurious look and feel are perfect for both playing against your toughest challenger and leaving out on display.


A Meaningful Gift

There is no longer the need to fight the in-store crowds or procrastinate gift buying this holiday season. If you find yourself searching high and low for the best holiday presents, check out high-quality lacquer board games. Whether it be tic-tac-toe, backgammon, poker or chess, the craftsmanship of these classics is undeniable, making them magnificent for gift-giving. Even those with the grinch-like demeanor would agree.

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