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Collectors’ Items: Acrylic Backgammon vs Traditional Backgammon Sets

Backgammon history dates back to thousands of years, along with chess, it is one of the oldest games still in play today. It dates back around 5,000 years and probably originated in Iraq – or Mesopotamia as it was back then. Recent findings in ancient burial sites indicated that the dice were made from human bones.

It is no surprise that this wit-challenging game continues to fascinate ardent enthusiasts all over the world. Sure, there have been enhancements to bring the game ‘up to speed’ in modern parlance. One notable addition is the introduction of an acrylic backgammon board game, which adds a sophisticated touch to the rules of engagement. Gone are the days of banging and bashing your way through a set of tactical skill and maneuvering.


Where did the Name ‘Backgammon’ Arise?

Board games have been with us for centuries, and they have a special place in our hearts, homes, and even public spaces. They are great to play in the privacy of our homes, but only the brave or knowledgeable would challenge the casino variation.

In Roman times, backgammon traded under the name tabula, probably referring to the board layout. The all-conquering Romans introduced the game in Britain during the 1st century A.D. after annexing the country as the westernmost colony of the empire. The name tabula then changed into its English translation ‘table.’  Backgammon became the favorite pastime in England in the 17th century, which is also where it got its name.


The Basic Rules of the Game

Backgammon basics are quite straightforward when engaging in the game. It takes two to tango, and each player competes to outwit their opponent and win a backgammon challenge. Each player throws the dice to nominate who gets to start.

The combatants also need to establish how many counters – historically referred to as “men” – are acceptable during the game. Perhaps the reason why some consider backgammon a form of gambling is down to chance and the role of the dice.

Why Acrylic Backgammon?

Good question, but one you will not have any doubt about when you consider this:

Fun nights with the family await when you choose to compete with a clear acrylic backgammon set. It certainly draws the eye, looking like a gracious slim and clear briefcase. Inside you will find a colorful display of your choosing that will match your home. One up already!

There is everything needed for a great game, as the case opens out on your board. This fantastic work of art screams ‘use me’ when you sit down to play. It commands respect, and you can just set it on display to admire its unusual clean design.

Slick and silent maneuvers will keep your opponent mesmerized. No swashbuckling moves or clicking noises as the game proceeds quietly to its inevitable conclusion, leaving you in absolute command. This is backgammon at the highest level, and you are the master in control.

Traditional backgammon sets do not have the luxury of these features. They are sometimes dull and have to be put away after its use. To truly enjoy and get the most out of your board game, consider using an acrylic backgammon set. The benefits are endless, and your home will look chic, modern, and new.


Choose Your New Backgammon Set

An acrylic backgammon set is the only way forward, so click here to find out more. Once you receive your sleek, modern Aurosi board game, you will want to put it to use right away!


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