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3 Standout Qualities of Luxury Poker Sets

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life, you might want to consider a luxury poker set. This is a fantastic gift for a card player or anyone who enjoys collecting unique items. When choosing from the various luxury poker sets available, you’ll want to consider three qualities that make the set stand out from the crowd. 

Handmade Luxury Poker Sets

Since poker is one of the most popular games for adults, you can find poker sets just about anywhere. However, one of the features of a luxury set you’ll want to consider is the fact of it being handmade. A handmade or handcrafted set offers quality workmanship and a distinct look. The worker may have carved the case or added other unique features you wouldn’t find with a factory set.

High-Quality Materials

Consider the material of the poker set. You’ll find a variety of options, each one has a distinct look and style. Wood cases are popular, and you can find oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany and other woods for an elegant, modern or traditional look. Often, the wood contrasts with the metal of the hinges, handle and lock on the case. It may be a dark metal or brass or silver. 

If you like a contemporary style, an aluminum carrying case may be the option for you. The sleek design of this option gives it that modern flare where the wood design lacks. Clay is often used in the chips to give them a more professional look, but you can also find ceramic ones if that’s more up your alley. You can also find gold plated or gold foil playing cards and chips to give the poker set an elegant touch. With a luxury set, whatever the materials you choose, they will be long-lasting and of higher quality than what you would find with a mass-produced set. 


Colors and Designs

Mass-produced poker sets typically only come in basic colors and designs. They can’t go too far off the standard because it costs more money to produce something distinct, and it might not appeal to everyone. With a luxury poker set, which is most typically handmade, you can experiment with colors and designs to match your style, your personality, and the type of crowd that will be playing poker with the set.

It’s not uncommon to hand-carve a design or image on the wooden case or even carve a design into the backs of the chips. The raised picture on the case enhances the look of the set, especially if it can be customized for the person who is buying it or receiving it. 

You can have a personal saying or special phrase added on which will make the set completely unique and representative of your style and personality. Perhaps a personal photo would be your preferred choice. You also don’t need to stick with the traditional red, blue and green chips. Instead, you can select your favorite colors or a pattern to put on your poker chips.

When selecting a luxury poker set to give as a gift or keep for yourself, you’ll want to consider all of your options. Choose the colors, materials, and designs that fit the personality of the person receiving it in order to ensure it stands out from other sets. You’ll have fun playing poker for years to come or just displaying with a unique, high-quality set that everyone can enjoy.

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