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4 Things to Look for in a Quality Backgammon Set

quality backgammon set Aurosi

1) Quiet Sets are Good Sets This should be the first test of any board you play on. Backgammon matches can last a long time, and you are continually throwing dice and moving around the pieces. Acrylic backgammon can provide you with the quiet and sleek look you want. You don’t want a loud board…

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Collectors’ Items: Acrylic Backgammon vs Traditional Backgammon Sets

acrylic backgammon Aurosi Games

Backgammon history dates back to thousands of years, along with chess, it is one of the oldest games still in play today. It dates back around 5,000 years and probably originated in Iraq – or Mesopotamia as it was back then. Recent findings in ancient burial sites indicated that the dice were made from human…

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